Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Tohoku Institute of Technology

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, SHIMOI Lab.

Our study theme in this division is to construct devices and produce new materials for saving or effective utilization of energy.

Invention of flat panel lighting device for saving energy.

We focus on lighting devices with high power consumption in our living environment, and study to create new flat-type luminaires with lower power consumption than present devices. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs), as one electron emissive assembly in light emission materials, are applied into the flat lighting device. We attempt to introduce CNTs positively in electric device for the first time in a world.

Construction of a charge system with high power output, long cycle property and microminiaturization.

We develop to construct an accumulation of electricity with good charge-discharge characteristics in order to save renewable energy or surplus power from co-operative energy. Active materials and anode/cathode electrodes in a lithium-ion secondary battery, which is a base system of energy storage system, are researched availably to obtain a high capability and long charge-discharge cycle properties in our laboratory.

  • fig:SHIMOI Lab

    Planar lighting device employing carbon nanotubes with low power consumption.

  • fig:SHIMOI Lab

    Development of active materials in lithium-ion battery.



  • 2017.01.06